We have prepared packages of attractions, which will provide you a good fun at a reasonable price.

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We offer three attractions in our Adventures Park. You will be able to choose the three attractions, whitch you will like the best. We have a high rope park – a high-altitude platform system and rope obstacles that are installed on natural trees, jump from the 14 meter high tower located on the trees is the attraction of high-flights, mega adrenaline and unforgettable experience for anyone who dares to take the jump. We have a zip line – one of the longest ( 350 meters ) Zip Lines in Podhale and classic like rock-climbing wall, which ran several routes of various difficulty levels for novice climbers and more advanced.

Pice for you: 60 PLN. Save 35 PLN!

For a description of attractions, see the “Attractions” subpage.


PLN / person


The best of attraction in our park in one package – a lot of fun and extreme adrenaline dose at a great price! Rope Park, Climbing Wall, Big Swing Jump and Zip Line XXL.

Pice for you: 75 PLN. Save 45 PLN!

For a description of attractions, see the “Attractions” subpage.


PLN / person


The greatest dose of adrenaline! Among the attractions we offer you Rope Park, Climbing Wall, Big Swing Jump, Zip Line XXL, Zorbing. Unique emotions that will remain in memory for a very long time.

Pice for you: 95 PLN. Save 50 PLN!

For a description of attractions, see the “Attractions” subpage.


PLN / person


we invite you to for PAINTBALL game. All participants will receive complete equipment for safe and enjoable game. Game proceeds in our field at the bottom of our park. Brand new equipment coming this season! It is known as perfect exercise for cooperation in group. Every participiant comes off the field after getting hit and must wait for next round. Planty of fun for everyone!
After the game we invite you to Adventure Park. There will be prepared an altitude ROPE OBSTACLES TRACK which will be installed on the trees at a height of 6-8 meters. On the way, participants overcome various obstacles, bridges, downhills, etc. Another attraction is TYROLKA XXL – the maximum dose of adrenaline, one of the longest downhills in Poland. Another attraction is a JUMP from 14 meter high tower, located on the trees – attraction of high-end, great dose of adrenaline and unforgettable experience for everyone. Overload during jumping reaches 2G.

Save 30 PLN


PLN / person

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