ADVENTURE – Park Przygody Gubałówka

+48 692 849 611



    How to get there

    1.  Check chairlift Szymaszkowa Gubalowka (the top station, walking 150 meters to the right Adventure Park)
    2. Check cable Butorowy Gubałówka (the top station, walking 450 meters to the right is our Adventure Park)
    3. Check the cable from the center of Zakopane PKL Gubałówka (the top station, walking 800 meters to the left is our Adventure Park)
    4. The Gubalówka no entry buses ban on entry above 7.5 tonnes.
    5. Buses and mini buses can enter the Gubalówka from the Koscielisko, Salamander Street Gubałówka (the car parking is 400 meters to our Adventure Park).
    6. You can go to Gubałówka on foot – the time you need to go with the youth group is about 1 hour.

    Park Przygody Adventure

    Gubałówka 9/1, 34-500 Zakopane
    +48 880 750 339